On KDWilliamson’s Racial Diversity in Lesfic

Very well written kdwilliamson!


I remember someone saying that even in this day and age, ‘white’ is considered the default from which any deviation must be explained in the story. Having a non-white protagonist such as a black, Latina or Southeast Asian in lesfic has to have a particular reason and must be explained. It’s like you cannot have people of color in this type of genre because it spoils the fantasy. I’m still new to lesfic reading, had my first book only middle of this year; where one of the protagonists was a Latina. I’m a southeast Asian by the way, I sure got your drift 🙂 The next books I happened to read mostly had white protagonists and I enjoyed them too. I guess the readers may just need to be more exposed to racial diversity in lesfic. As what you’ve said, love and romance can be universal.

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